…. hard, I didn’t even have to say that, he figured them out and used them “against” me, and I loved it.

On the flip side, I do also like being the ‘tist, but after 2 years of being squarely in the dead center of this COVID fiasco, and working and managing a hospital lab when we weren’t even sure what we were doing and if any of this might kill us ( and sadly , that was a yes)… giving up control , and forgetting everything except the sound of his voice was beautiful. Have a good one, guys.

After signing up in this group, I met @HairyHypnotist . I had a session with him last week. It was pretty intense for me. I wonder how many of you knew that hypnosis was going to be so intimately connected to your sexuality? Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. One thing is for sure, he knew exactly what to say and do. I came twice. I don’t know if I remembered it all or not. One things for sure, it only felt like it was around 10 minutes, but it was an hour. There are certain words that get me rock …


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