After my amazing session with @HairyHypnotist we talked for a bit about my new found submission towards Him. While that was happening I was leaking precum all over the bed! He's the best and hottest hypnotist ever!

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Fortunately, @cubboy and I don't live very far apart from each other. Now that the coronavirus restrictions are lifting, hopefully we'll have an opportunity to meet in person in the next few weeks or months! I think working with him in person will be a lot of fun 😈

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I’ve been taken under by @HairyHypnotist quite a few times, each time is more intense, more amazing and he knows how to get inside someone’s head and leaves you wanting more.

So amazing I have had many dreams about him hypnotising me, one was a few nights ago, I tried my best and tried to resist Looking into his eyes but I couldn’t the gaze was too strong for my mind. I completely fell into his spell

Yesterday I met @HairyHypnotist and we got off to a great start! He’s an awesome, kind, intelligent, handsome, understanding man.😁
I’m also very excited for our first session on Sunday!


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