CW: horny hypno story 

@HairyHypnotist Can confirm that 4 hours later and my mind is still scrambled hahaha phew!~

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CW: horny hypno story 

Just had a really amazing session with @HairyHypnotist ! He got me really relaxed, and really made me feel so obedient and submissive. We only had an hour, but it felt like a whole day.

I've never felt so good barking and touching myself geeze that was so much fun hahaha. At the end it really didn't take much of anything to make me squirm and laugh with tickling. He didn't even really give me anything but the power made me so sensitive to his suggestion.

I'm so bored with my current porn selection. I would love some interactive hypno stuff. Any recommendations?

erotic hypno 

Here's some sketches for some stuff I'd love to experience. My fursona Drewfy is a Werebear who's very pup in nature -- and that's me haha. Tickling, foot and pit musk, and foot domination. GIMME hehe.

Foot & Musk 

I love musk and feet. So I've been wearing these socks for about 2 weeks now (I don't do anything major really just sit around the home with them on and lift weights in them). I have on my crocs that I only wear as house shoes so I keep it all as sanitary as possible.

The way I can put myself into this wonderful mindless headspace by huffin on my socks. It makes my mind go completely blank and I get addicted to the smell. I can only last a few minutes before erupting with pleasure.


Here's the first hypno comic I made! My two characters Mango the Axolotl, and Jorge the Gator. Often times when I work on anything hypno related I'll end up getting zonked myself (especially if it has anything to do with spirals). If you can't tell I love pup play integrated with the hypno play.

This one is inspired by a hypno audio clip I listen to a lot where a ghost posess you and leads you down your mind until he straps you down and tickles you until your orgasm. Here's the link if you're interested in listening to it!

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Have lots of fun hypno content I can post here. You can go to my twitter and furaffinity if you want to get instant satification intead.


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