Oh my god, I can't believe I've put three people on trance in a single day!
I'm so happy πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

I could not believe someone could actually make an obedient dog or a human that can only bark, but @Casuallynoted is just that awesome. Loved the hypno session, you cutie β™₯

Furry porn and mind control 

And so, Dr. Breed finally gets his debut drawing! Can Doggie Cruger escape from his mind cage? Probably not ;3

Finally going to draw my first OC actually focused on mind control, so that will be fun ;3

Just wanted to say @Casuallynoted is a wonderful hypnotist and I loved having my first hypnosis session being with him. I'd say I'm already feeling the results of the himbofication we're working at πŸ’•

Erotic Hypnosis and Gay Porn 

Trying to make a very explicit spiral whose content is too confusing for the subject to understand what they're looking at 😘

I really hope I can get myself hypnotized into becoming a himbo, I already have only one brain cell, so all I need is to, somehow, start to love exercising

By the way, how do you folks do self hypnosis without getting that "brain turned into mush" sensation that makes it hard to think or give suggestions? Am I taking myself too depper? Am I actually on the sleep? '3'

I'm usually kinda sad when I can't lucid dream, but since I had my first dream about getting hypnotized I couldnt be happier about it πŸ’•

Gotta make a hypnosis themef svatar tomorrow. Should I make a drawing or xjust take a pic and do some cool editing?


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