Today's Hypno fetish is 

You there, the bootblack, come shine my shoes, I'll pay ya double!
Aw come on, it'll be a laugh riot!
Don't worry, lemme stick some shine on em *sprays flower on your face*
Oops, missed! Hyuck!
Don't worry, you can laugh!
That's it, get em nice an shiny, you gotta see your new nose in 'em
Can't ya see, it's a real honker!
It's good to have a lil stoogeblack for my shoes after a pie fight hyuck! Get ya lickin' em clean!

Cuck therapy fic Part 1 

Day 1
This is stupid, I've got to write a journal for couples therapy just cause my boyfriend thinks I'm too focussed on sex
Hopefully this quack will be able to convince him he's just a prude

Day 5
I keep forgetting I've got to write on this thing, to be fair I'm just trying to get my libido back, none of my porn seems to be working and Jake even suggested he go out looking for a hook up
Maybe I'll bring it up with the therapist, shame I keep spacing out in our sessions

Today Hypno fetish combo is.... 

Corrupt hypnotherapist, couples councling, and cuckolding 😈

Tonight's full moon is the buck moon.
It so named because now is when male deer grow in their new antlers for the upcoming rutting season.
So I donned mine antlers in honour of the moment, just felt right.

Tis a merry night to go a'wandering....

Not mine and I haven't been able to trace who made this, but I think this is a good guide to spread about.

I don't know who needs to hear this right now but....
:mean_tist: :swinging_watch: you are feeling submissive and breedable today

We all agree hypno-collars that get the person to become blank when activated are a mood. Right?

doing some light memory corruption with the lads

*slaps top of my head*
This bad boy can fit so many post hypnotic suggestions.

Indulged my #hypnokink tonight and went completely under for a little while. I don’t normally record it but I wanted to see what it looked like. Drooly is the answer 😅🤤

from the kink labs 

a couple days ago I discovered a chatbot designed to simulate gaining RPG levels explicitly to lose them or have them stolen, and this is mind-numbingly hot in a way I cannot hope to explain

I think I am two steps from finally reaching perfect fetish asceticism, becoming a being of pure energy who can get off only to spreadsheets and abstract art of random colorful shapes

Text from an old friend 

Hey, I saw an old pic of us and wanted to reach out
I hope you're doing good, boy it's been a while
When did we last hang out, at that dumb bar? Boy that was fun
We need to hang out again, boy I miss you
It was always a good boy time
Doing dumb himbos
Things, damn autocorrect, I'm such a dumb obedient boy, just like you
A good boy, a good dumb boy
Flexing and gooning
Don't worry, I know you can't reply, dumb guys can't type
I'm on my way though, wait by the door, good boy

stupid kink joke, french 

femdom more like homme-owner

A friend introduced me to a podcast about erotic hypnosis. Very interesting listen in this episode about their longterm play.

Brainwashing Part 1 | Two Hyp Chicks Podcast

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