id love to see/write about some form of hypno fantasy associated with the gym, but not the typical 'hypnotised to work out' scenario.


I can't resist a little "Bane-ing up", especially if it means beefing up someone like @DartsDomain. He gives even better hugs now.

So last night I had nice chat with @HairyHypnotist about the idea of memory play.

Or so I thought.

This morning memories have been coming back to me....

When you play D&D with @DartsDomain things get serious pretty quickly. He plays a Barbarian Orc, and you fail all your saving throws against his commanding presence.

🌀38 Welcome to the Fetish Exhibition, I am your digital audio guide. Before we start, please sit down in the lobby for a moment and relax. I promise after my short introduction the exhibition will be much more vivid for you.

when some rando you've never spoken to before messages me "hey wanna trance?"

nonconsent fantasy 

someone being fully aware they have been given a suggestion, but completely unable to resist/ overcome their compulsion.

🌀37 My Master suggested to describe our hypnosis sessions on Mastodon. I love doing this! Before sharing my experiences with the whole fediverse my memory always is quiet cloudy. As soon I click publish and consciously read what I’ve written I quasi relive everything once more.

[Please bear in mind that my 🌀toots are fictional]

I was talking with @HairyHypnotist and he mentioned that it might be okay to share this here.

There's a MC Erotica contest over on MCForums Arena this month:

You'd need to create an account on their site, but I'm not sure if it's of interest to people.

Those that have put people into trance (I've only had a 2 person set, so I'm hoping others might have more of a sample set):

A friend mentioned that he wondered if non-neurotypical people such as people with ADHD, etc.. may be more difficult to trance/trigger.

I was wondering if that had any reality.

Question for the fans. In fiction what hypnosis trope do you prefer?

The more I go through my childhood programs, the more I see where a lot of my kinks come from...

Furry porn and mind control 

And so, Dr. Breed finally gets his debut drawing! Can Doggie Cruger escape from his mind cage? Probably not ;3

Just wanted to say @Casuallynoted is a wonderful hypnotist and I loved having my first hypnosis session being with him. I'd say I'm already feeling the results of the himbofication we're working at 💕

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