im at the dronification center
im at the himbofication center
im at the combination drone-himbo center

It's definitely a mindfuck when you reach this point.
Its been interesting reaching this kind of state.

Hi all, new to this site and checking things out.

#NationalAssDay (butt) 

It wouldn't be a 🍑 related day without me contributing something

i am a subject. i am looking to serve a Master. i am looking to be hypnotized into complete submission.

Different Mastodon servers have different rules for what’s acceptable behavior. Here on HypnoGuys, toots with explicit sexual content are very welcome (and hot!), but only when properly labeled with a content warning (“CW”). That way, people browsing the public timeline won’t see NSFW content without warning. If you’re not sure how to use a CW, read this: or send me a direct message, and I’ll be happy to help!

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babe what’s wrong you’ve hardly touched your sissy hypno

Haven't done hypno-eyes in a while.

Send your close-up zonked looks. Extra points if your eyes are really open.

Privates are welcome too.

Erotic hypnosis 

So I have a lot of fun with memory play with Master.
It can be frustrating in a very fun way.
I know I talked with him about something to do with memory play recently, he pointed something out to me about memory play, but now I can't remember what that was.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this year. But I hope everyone who is going has a good time! It’s happening *this weekend* in San Francisco:

So the topic of an elman induction came up with a popular hypnotist on Twitter, talking about it as a good rapid induction. so I looked into what an elman induction Actually was.
I'm not fully up to speed on theory but I think I can see what the technique was doing with the numbers.

What if I hypnotised a subject to only be able to type in response emojis? 🤔

today's Hypno fetish senario.... 

Your hypnotist makes himself your pimp.

You're compelled to rent yourself out and give him the proceeds.

Oh no. I started staring at this barbershops sign and now I can't resist going inside...

Today's Hypnofetish combo... 

Being made to think and idea is your own and body modification.

Today's Hypnofetish combo is.... 

Dronification and muscle growth.

You become an example of sculpted muscles, in shiny rubber and no hint of identity left.

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