So I was looking for tattoo designs of Celtic bears and this came up.

Is a bear with spiral eyes too on the nose for me?

Todays hypno fetish is... 

Irresistible fascination being placed in the brain.

You don't know why, but you can't stop staring at your Sir's feet while you and he are hanging out.

You just want to get down and start worshiping them, but you know it's not the time or place.

You're not normally into that anyway.
But dam is it tempting.....

If the hero is mind control by a raygun or a helmet it's sci-fi.
If they are controlled by an amulet or Ring it's fantasy

How to hypnotize a Linux user:

:mean_tist: "You will obey me"

😒 "That's not going to work on me!"

:mean_tist: "SUDO you will obey me"

:blank_face: "...."

This just came through my primary gay groupchat and I must say....I'd like to order a case and start handing them out.

abolish horny jail, abolish the horny carceral system, and abolish the horny industrial complex

Now remember me,
When in the job interview, when they ask you why you want the position "because I need to buy my master nice things :spiral_eyes_face: " is not an acceptable answer.

PRIEST: Do you take Florence to be your wife?


PRIEST: Does anyone have anything-

RAGE: [from the back] I'M AGAINST THIS

Fun fact: most kinksters fantasize about dronification because it means they would be given a custom fitting rubber suit for free.

I find it interesting how i have such difficulty articulating feelings related to my submission.
There have been 2 times of late I have been asked how some of the ways I submit to Master makes me feel and I really can't find the words.

its like its this huge ball of emotions and the words that relate to that are so thread bear.

it occurs to me this account was made to post microfictions and relate hypno play experiences i wasn't comfortable sharing on other platforms.

Increasingly it is just me posting hypno memes.

"what's the matter hun? you're barely resisting your forced Hypno conditioning "

nsfw but its like funny 

help me, step poster. i cant actually fit in here

Abuse mention (-) 

One thing that I used to really enjoy but was wrecked by a really abusive tist was the fantasy of locked in your body.
You are aware of the things going on but can only be an observer.

Fucking asshole.

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