petition to name my new religion closes after everyone votes for 'Culty McCultface'

welcome to my erotic hypnosis video. i'll take you so deep you'll see anglerfish

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Hypno suggestion 

So a that I have been working with wants to, when it's safer, have me round with another of his subjects who is also into powerlifting.

He wants to put us both into a very base headspace where we both just want to fight/fuck and then have us wrestle each other.

I have no issue with this ๐Ÿ˜

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I have a friend. We'll call him Santa. 

And when we do this, I sometimes give him some guided imagery - just telling him a fantasy while he's under - of...

You know. Guys.

Or tentacles, vines, what have you.

Giving him what he needs --

But not enough of it.

So, for hours, sometimes, I'll tease him. Just my voice, just watching him. It's been as fun as physical play, this wonderfully silly fantasy.

And if we meet in person, I will leave him as unsatisfied as he can possibly be.

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I have a friend. We'll call him Santa. 

Years ago, when Hypnosisforguys started, I started chatting with a lovely, faraway boy.

We had some nice trance experiences, and have remained friends.

Every now and then - and he really led me into giving him this - I've conditioned him with a trigger:

One that puts him into heat.

Not a very realistic heat. An 'omegaverse' sort of sex craze. Having to turn my volume down because he's mashing his face to the ground with his ass in the air kind of deal.

a nice, nsfw memory 

that was in my living room. I miss having people over for kink play ๐Ÿ

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a nice, nsfw memory 

Last year, I talked to someone for whom the whoooooole hypnosis kink came from the Jungle Book

so, I hypnotised him, and had him live out a cyclical fantasy of being found, enchanted, and wrapped around by a friendly python, sneaky and strong. he felt it physically, to an extent; he felt it emotionally to his core. strong imagination, that one.

...and I didn't get him off

when he woke up, he was DESPERATE for sex - MADLY horny -

and not into being teased.


hypnotic ambiguity 

I led them through a meadow through a cottage through a greenhouse through a jungle through an escalation of that --

-- and, apparently, this meant there were rivers and waterfalls everywhere. nice

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hypnotic ambiguity 

One of the most fun things in recreational, platonic trance is putting someone through a long, slow, vivid set of imagery and hearing back what they filled in the blanks with

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Just wanted to thank HairyHypnotist for being available to talk through hypnosis ethics. It always helps to get an objective opinion and have a friendly voice give you advice and reassurance. You are a good man and i admire you greatly!

weird fantasy art 

...but first, the icon: Mowgli and Kaa by scalesanspirals. It's a feeling I like to give to subs. Go check out their stuff. They make fabulous and often heartwarming hypno-fantasy stuff

kink, intro 

On this account, I will post jokes, recountings of play, and hypno-trivia. If you ask nicely, I'll read to you. ๐Ÿธ ๐Ÿบ ๐Ÿ


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