Any recommendations on high quality metal cock rings for daily use?

Hypno Fantasy 

Kneel under the desk, giving a sloppy blowjob to hypnodom ... while he's having a HypnoSession with another sub...

Erotic hypno 

Progress 2: vivid dreams after daily listening of my session...

Going to a Bear party and be made to go into sub mode.... Loosing inhibitions and be told to please orally who ever steps forward... Woke up when had multiple guys cumming on me...
So vivid and not a fantasy I had before... 🤯🤯

Hypno fantasy 

: whenever wearing a metal cockring be responsive to two text messages: "time to cum" compelled to get hard until cumming; "time for chastity" compelled to stay soft until being fucked..

Went this morning for a swim in the lake and now a short match of paddle... Hmmm... Why am I getting these ideas? 🏋️🏽‍♂️

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I did not one, but two hypnosis session with @porthos. It was his first time doing a hypnosis session with a live hypnotist; previously, he had only listened to pre-recorded files. I told him that I believe working with a live hypnotist is much more effective, and I think he believes me now! He also recorded our sessions (with my knowledge and consent), and he told me that he has been listening to the recordings often. That's a great way to make the suggestions even more powerful!

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On the lookout for Hypno files, came across @HairyHypnotist and I was curious enough to book a bespoke Hypno session... Words fail to express how much effective it was compared with mp3s....


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