Vacation in 3…2…1… 🍾
Get my “smart jock” training back on track!!

Hypnotic content 

It was such an experience that I have been afraid to listen back to the session file in case it happens again..

Never thought I’d be so excited to hear Sir’s voice!

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Hypnotic content 

I was consumed with a lust and sexual desire I cannot easily describe!
Completely lost in it, acting surprisingly while feeling vulnerable but safe the whole time!

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Hypnotic content 

I must confess that I never expected for it to work so well and have such an effect to me…
I never though @HairyHypnotist could get so deep in my head… so much so that at the end of the session, I triggered it and fell back to being under just by hearing his sweet voice…

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Hypnotic content 

It has taken me a few days to process but I’m happy to share…
I had a profound hypno session with @HairyHypnotist focused on getting triggered into a hyper-horniness state, completely focused on having sex or masturbate without inhibitions…

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Once again just life gets in the way… you forget to listen to your files, to seek the calming voice of your favourite hypnotist, to let yourself be guided by his voice in your head…it all just fades into the background!
And the the urge to go back into hypno sessions comes as a tsunami wave without notice and you just want to dive deeper and deeper…

Hypno fantasy 

2 more months to go before holidays... Hypno Lifeguard sets a trigger to make me his friendly "sub boy" whenever he feels horny... "be good to me" are the sweetest words to hear..

NSFW Post-Hypno bliss 

Just need to be a good boy.... obedient, submissive and focused!

What do you take into consideration when choosing a hypnotist for online sessions?

Work done for the week...
Time to relax and listen to my favourite Hypno recording, focusing on service to hairy bears before bf comes home! 😈

Hypno triggering during sex 

Eurovision-watching party with friends turns into a 4sum... I trigger myself into my "sub space" and spend my time focusing on pleasing the three... 😬

Comment from bf: the whole time you never touched your dick... Were you OK?

If he only knew how good it felt...

I wonder if @HairyHypnotist can turn this cock ring into a special horny trigger the next time we have a Hypno session...

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Looks like @porthos has been having a lot of fun lately with listening to the recording of my hypnosis session with him 😈

You go for a weekend with your bf's family and instead of joining the game night, you just relax in the couch with your airpods to @HairyHypnotist voice telling you to be a good boy...

Craving a sub headspace where I'm sweet, maliable, suggestible, relaxed and obedient, just focused on giving pleasure, cuddles and sexual service as a form of service..

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