@HairyHypnotist called me good boy today and my cock instantly stood at attention! So hot and I am so ready to obey him.

Despite being an outgoing person, I do have some social anxiety when publicly engaging with this community. Jumped into kink chat briefly, but couldn't bring myself to participate. Chatted briefly with Master @HairyHypnotist briefly afterwards, but maybe I'll have more confidence another time

I love every chance I get to talk with @HairyHypnotist - he's such a lovely guy. His voice is simply intoxicating, it's so easy to obey and listen to him. I especially enjoy that he allows me to be naked when I speak with him. I really want to serve him more

Today I was finally able to reconnect with @HairyHypnotist on Skype! It was such a pleasure to have a great conversation. To be honest, he's so easy to talk to and I feel incredibly comfortable around him. It's easy to be open, honest, and respectful while chatting. You can tell he cares a lot about what he does and offers to people. I was surprised how much time we spent chatting - it flew by! Hitting topics like body image, comfort, and respect were all easy to talk about with him openly.


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