this is my first message here and I hope it's ok to post it here.

I'm an ordinary guy having fantasies about dronification - at least since the borg were introduced in the StarTrek universe.

Already tried some mp3 files I found to achieve such a state of mind. It worked to some degree some times.

Is this an unusal fantasy? And can it really work?

Also I'm into masks - and another fantasy is forgetting the "real" face and "be" the mask. Is that really a thing or am I just weird?

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@snakebite @HairyHypnotist Becoming a mask is basically—seriously—how theater started, as part of the Dionysian Mysteries. That absolutely is a thing!

@Secretfaggot @okiesub Thank you for your answers. It's good to know that these fantasies are not that weird.

@snakebite @Secretfaggot @okiesub I think more generally, you should get comfortable with the idea that you like what you like, regardless of if others find it weird or not. Human sexuality is wide and fascinating — enjoy where your desires lead you!

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