Pup play 

Can’t make the kink chat tonight, but please enjoy these photos I took the other day in my pup gear 😉


Just had a chat with @HairyHypnotist and since he mentioned sharing pictures online...

What an amazing session! Feeling all drained and floaty, like I’ve just been for a swim. Thanks @HairyHypnotist !

Sessions are having some great side benefits - normally I can't motivate myself to go to the gym when it's dark and raining after work, but when I started thinking about it "It's important to work out." came into my head in a certain person's voice, and it was easy to go!

Sexual content 

My naked workouts have been getting better and better, each time I spend more of them in trance, and ended up having a prostate orgasm from doing plank thrusts today 🤤

Gyms are closed for me now, but that just means lots more naked workouts. The real problem is that now I've done today's, I'm feeling super horny and submissive but there's no one I can show off to...

Been feeling spaced out all afternoon since today’s hypnosis session. Caught my reflection in the mirror and just had to strip off and flex and do a naked workout. Want to show off to you guys too:

Feeling great, was able to push myself. And thanks to a certain hypnotist I was in a horny half trance and leaking precum the whole time 🤤

Show thread

Husband is out and have the afternoon to myself... time for a naked work out :D

Wow, @HairyHypnotist has been busy! Really hot to read all these stories of what he's been getting us to do in trance 🤤

Feeling super chilled out after my session earlier today. So relaxed my mind keeps wandering off into a blank daydream 😊

Was fun to chat to @HairyHypnotist today about doing a session, looking forward to it!


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