I really like it when guys contact me out of the blue, eager to try a hypnosis session with me. That's what happened with @arthur a few days ago, and it just happened again with @sub_cuddlr! He found me online, read through some of my Mastodon posts, and was instantly eager to meet up with me and see if he could be hypnotized. And since he lives in Amsterdam as well, we could do it in person!

Earlier today, I met @sub_cuddlr at his place to talk about hypnosis, and potentially do a session together. He told me right away that he thought my voice was incredibly soothing and relaxing; I told him that meant it would be very easy for him to relax into my voice and go into a deep trance. I also discovered that he loves touch and cuddling; he immediately wanted to lie down on the couch with his head in my lap, right from the start of the conversation!

I talked to @sub_cuddlr about what to expect out of a hypnosis session, and asked him what he was interested in experiencing. He told me that he wanted to feel controlled and safe, like he was able to let go and submit to someone who has his best interests at heart. Of course, I was very happy to hear that, because I love to help guys connect with their natural submissive tendencies, and use them in the way they need to be used. The more we talked, the more it seemed like this was a great match!

Once we started the hypnosis session, @sub_cuddlr drifted into it easily and willingly. I quickly had him take off his clothes, and while his dick was soft for most of the session, he was producing pre-cum like mad the whole time. Definitely enjoying himself! I focused on enhancing his feelings of safety and security, and once I took off my shirt as well, he eagerly nuzzled into my hairy belly, peaceful and happy.

erotic hypno 

It got to a point where @sub_cuddlr was feeling so submissive, so happy and safe, that he wanted to do whatever he could to please me. He asked how he could please me, and I admitted that I was feeling horny and would love to fuck him. I brought him out of trance first to talk about that with him, and see if he was really OK with that: he hadn't planned for this possibility. But he was definitely OK with it, so I put him back into trance and things took a distinctly more sexual turn.

erotic hypno, explicit sex 

By the end of it, I fucked and bred his ass, while @sub_cuddlr begged to be used. After I came in his ass, he thanked me for doing so, and my cock felt so good in his ass that I left in there for a few minutes, until I went soft and it slipped out on his own. As we cleaned ourselves up, he admitted that he had never felt submissive in quite this way: almost a sense of being owned, in a way that felt really, really good.


erotic hypno, explicit sex 

I still feel @HairyHypnotist 麓s cum inside me, and haven麓t stopped precumming all afternoon long. 馃樁

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