erotic hypnosis 

Seeing athletes going under is hard wired in my brain to turn me on. These two are exceptional.

🌀43 I don’t remember that much but it was really great at the gay pride march. My hypnotist had encouraged me to wear spandex, and I felt so proud and free everytime he brought me out of trance.

🌀42 Last week I had my first day at the security firm. Three months after becoming my hypnotist’s muscleman that job seems more appropriate than being a boring bank manager.


🌀41 In order to not only stare mindlessly blank I suggested him to show his proud and happiness. Now my slave smiles intensely everytime he skillfully blows me to orgasm.

🌀40 I could have stopped this video call at any moment – but well, I couldn’t want to. Instead I even followed his command to undress, and with every piece of cloth I lost my reservation, my shame, purpose, and self-control, my will and consciousness.

🌀39 I expected the public lecture to be way more awkward, but my professor hypnotised me deeper than ever. Like being part of the audience I watched myself following his instructions to the last without any hint of embarrasment.

🌀38 Welcome to the Fetish Exhibition, I am your digital audio guide. Before we start, please sit down in the lobby for a moment and relax. I promise after my short introduction the exhibition will be much more vivid for you.

🌀37 My Master suggested to describe our hypnosis sessions on Mastodon. I love doing this! Before sharing my experiences with the whole fediverse my memory always is quiet cloudy. As soon I click publish and consciously read what I’ve written I quasi relive everything once more.

[Please bear in mind that my 🌀toots are fictional]

erotic hypnosis 

@tak was naked and aroused for the entire hypnosis session, and I used that to my advantage. I had him stroke his cock while hypnotized, and told him that every time he did so, he would go deeper into trance. It's a good thing he was lying down -- he was so relaxed and out of it that I'm not sure he could have supported his body otherwise!

And of course, @tak came when I ordered him to do so, and not a minute before. He's a good boy.

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🌀36 Of course I know that this “Magic Glove” only activates a suggestion deep-seated into my subconscious, still it works! When I put it on then my hand starts to act on its own. Even if I didn‘t want it the gloved hand will pleasure me masterly until I’m done.

🌀35 Sam celebrates my new trigger. We were at the bakery yesterday and after he said “bratwurst” to me, konnte ich nur noch deutsch sprechen.


🌀34 Blindfolded, naked and bound to a St Andrew’s cross: That way I was the center of a gay bar with only one single rule: As long as my dick stayed hard it’s happy hour. So I felt many different hands eagerly edging me the whole evening, dulling my mind into delirium – until my hypnotist’s voice dissolved that whole fantasy.

🌀33 I know it’s a certain lEtt3r c0mb1natioN that activates my drone mode. For five minutes then I become his hard-coded robot, just acting out what he’d input by his daily programming message.

🌀32 My new gym had these group sessions for free: hypnosis for relaxation, motivation, stimulation. Only after several sessions I became aware that when we woke up we all were overjoyed and had stained underware. Maybe some day I’ll remember why.

RT Let's welcome Year of the OX. Be as steadfast as an OX.


Model reference:

🌀31 Like most policemen this cute one was used to following orders. With my handshake induction he went wonderfully deep and obviously enjoyed stripping his uniform for me. I left him only his boots, cap, and gloves which felt marvelous on my skin.


🌀30 As he promised I gained a mass of muscles in the last two years. He also suggested that I’ll be constantly horny – and I was. Now with my nose ring everyone knows I’m his loyal bull.

🌀29 Yeah, I still like to be brought into trance but I no longer need to be. It just became normal to dress in leather, flaunting my black gear in public and feeling damn sexy.

🌀28 It was funny how the hypnotist first made my arm too heavy to move and then simply lifted it with an “invisible string”. Later he easily lifted quite another body part, which was, well … satisfying.


🌀27 I press down my boyfriend the moment he awakens my alpha headspace. I mount myself onto him, strip him as necessary, lick him, sniff his skin while my cock finds it’s place instinctively. Sometimes I watch bewildered my own beastly behaviour until the thrill draws me back into my mindless body. (🌀23 cont’d for @Rlatex)

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