🌀28 It was funny how the hypnotist first made my arm too heavy to move and then simply lifted it with an “invisible string”. Later he easily lifted quite another body part, which was, well … satisfying.


🌀27 I press down my boyfriend the moment he awakens my alpha headspace. I mount myself onto him, strip him as necessary, lick him, sniff his skin while my cock finds it’s place instinctively. Sometimes I watch bewildered my own beastly behaviour until the thrill draws me back into my mindless body. (🌀23 cont’d for @Rlatex)

🌀26 Just look at the candle, concentrate on the flame, your body getting heavier and heavier. Only my words are important now and as I blow out the light your concious mind simple turns offffffffffff.

🌀25 To ten he counted, and as he snapped his fingers I awoke refreshed. By experience of course I knew, that the control I retrieved was just a gracious loan until he triggered me again.

🌀24 Kneeing besides him he touched my neck, telling me what a Good Puppy I am, feeling horny, being aware of my fur, my thinking becoming slower, easier, mind fading away, words dissolving, just barking left, bark’n’woof, bow-wow, arf, arf, arf.

I sometimes get the impression that hypnosis is used for allowing oneself despicable cravings, e.g. one gets aroused by feet but thinks that’s disgusting? One rejects being gay but likes to have sex with man? Let’s get hypnotised and well: oneself is no longer able to help it. – I don’t think that’s a good way to befriend with one’s own desires.

🌀23 You’d expect my boyfriend with his hypnosis skills to be the dominant part in our relationship. But it’s him who bottoms and so much enjoys being the sub who trances me into his relentless alpha fucker.

@tiefgaenger I love going under because I can let go of my responsibilities, feel relaxed and be controlled to have fun.

@tiefgaenger for me it's several elements. The feeling of being taken under is very pleasant for me.
But there is also an element of feeling controlled in a very unique manner that's her sexually appealing to me

I think this Mastodon instance could do with some more views and opinions … Please feel invited to actively toot about your experiences and expectations! E.g. what do you like about hypnosis; what do you want to be suggested to; (how) do you wish hypnosis would affect your daily life?

🌀22 This familiar feeling spreads in my body, flooding my mind, as I listen to his and only his voice because there’s nothing important anymore. All I’m gonna do from now on is watching myself fulfill what I’ve been told and feeling more than joy about it.

🌀21 It was haunting how easily he captured my bodyguard’s eyes and with confiding words converted him step by step into a dump, obedient muscle gorilla. Not before I began jerking off I realized: It was too late for me, too.

🌀20 “Attention”, he commands and my body obeys without any effort: legs spreading apart, hands folding behind my head, eyes staring into space. Sometimes he then circles my nipples, often grabs my butt, always unpacks my dick. I fabricate strings of precum while I get unbearably horny on a subcouncious level.

🌀19 Well, now I visit the 24/7 gym only at night when it’s deserted. Then nobody takes offense at me being knocked down by an orgasm when I’m done with my training shedule. Apart from that I really enjoy being his muscle slave.

Kink fantasy, musk, facemasks 

As you and your Sir are going to head out to see your friends, he informs you that instead of a regular mask you are going to wear his sweaty used jockstrap as your face covering.
You try to protest but he just slips the jock pouch over your mouth and nose and knots it tight round the back of your head.
As the smell of his sweaty dick and balls hits you with every breath you start to get hard, and he just tells you to hurry up and get in the car.
#musk #mansmell

🌀18 Hard and helpless: that was him for the next hour. My suggestion made it impossible for him to cum although he’d beat off furiously. Only I would settle his gratification, and knowing this increased his goatishness even more. In around 10 minutes before he started humping furniture of course I’d give him my arse to pleasure … extensively.

🌀17 After two minutes I simply had to stop reading and leave the park. The woman who played frisbee with her Labrador gave me strange looks – obviously because my crotch was already soaked. And yet it was her fault: Just as my hypnotists had taught I spurted precum every time I heard my pleasure trigger “Good Boy”.

🌀16 The three guards (gorgeous men with leather harness and skimpy loincloth) pinned me down so I only could see his black boots. “Please, I won’t do it again”, I begged. He laughed: “You little thief, I’m pretty sure you won’t. Slaves, bring him to the conversion room.”

🌀15 You may think it was mean to teach him that cleaning trigger but you haven’t seen how horny my significant other gets while dusting off the cupboard.

🌀14 Not before Mr Clark had whatsapped the video of himself cumming he felt better. Thankfully this time he’d been able to hurry away from the meeting instead of creaming his suit as soon as he read the hypnotist’s message.

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