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HypnoGuys Rules

  1. Be nice

    The HypnoGuys community values good faith and respectful conduct. It's expected that you are careful of other people's boundaries, and are willing to listen and apologize as necessary instead of starting a fight. We all want to be here, so play nice.

  2. Be 18+

    HypnoGuys is absolutely not a suitable community for minors; if you're under 18, regardless of anything else, please stay away until you're old enough.

  3. Be tolerant

    Content or attitudes that antagonize marginalized communities are not welcome here. See the banned content section for more detail.

  4. Be careful

    Mastodon has a built-in content warning feature; NSFW images should be hidden, and content warnings should be used when appropriate. If an image involves kinks that aren't hypnosis, it's probably a good idea to tag them here.

Banned content

You may not post the following content on HypnoGuys:

  • Sexual content involving minors, including artistic depictions
  • Gore and extremely graphic violence, including artistic depictions
  • National Socialism
  • Nazism
  • Holocaust denial
  • Racism
  • Alt right, including under the disguise of freedom of speech
  • Gender-critical
  • Sex and gender discrimination
  • Transphobia
  • Misogyny
  • Pro-ana / Pro-mia

Banned activities

You may not engage in any of the following activities on HypnoGuys:

  • Automated sharing of third-party content, news sources, websites or social media content that doesn’t belong to you
  • Repeated trolling, insulting or derogatory comments towards others, even after they ask you to stop
  • Mass following and aggregation of content

Approved content

As long as you don't violate any of the above rules, you may post any content you want on HypnoGuys, whether related to hypnosis or not. In addition, here are some examples that are explicitly approved, and do belong on this server:

  • Discussions of hypnosis, including hypnotherapy and erotic hypnosis
  • Media related to hypnosis (such as spirals, art, photo manipulations, audio, video, etc) that you own, or that the owner has provided written permission for you to post
  • Advertising professional services related to hypnosis
  • Explicit sexual content, with an appropriate content warning

Gendered space

HypnoGuys is a gendered space: as the name imples, this server is focused on guys. People of all genders and sexualities are allowed to use this server, as long as they understand that "guys" are the focus here. If you are looking for a Mastodon server focused on hypnosis without this focus on guys, Triggerphrase is an excellent option.